Our Story

Marty (aka Rootie) grew up on Long Island, NY and went to school at the University of Buffalo. He fell in love with the city so much he remained there for most of his life.
In 1978, Rootie's Pump Room was born and has been a staple in Buffalo ever since. Though Rootie's did not invent the buffalo-style chicken wing, we did perfect it! Our award winning Blue Cheese Dressing has received national fame and notoriety, helping expand the Rootie's name around the country: opening restaurants in Florida and Kentucky. In the 1990s, the city of Buffalo even sent the competing cities Rootie's Wings and famous Blue Cheese Dressing to pay off the Bills' Super Bowl bets.
Rootie's Famous Gourmet Blue Cheese is unlike any other on the market: being the thickest and chunkiest out there. True Rootie's fans refer to themselves as "The Blue Cheese Mafia", and the dressing as "Liquid Gold Mold. It's rich history and cult following allowed us to start marketing and selling it in super markets in Western, NY, back in 1986.
Unfortunately, in 2023 Marty passed away. Although, his legacy and the Rootie's brand will live on.